• At the touch of a button,the iNeck Air2 can inflate and deflate,keeping your packing footprint to minimum and is built with travelers in mind.Sophisticated heat technology allows you to soothe even the sorest of muscles with its self-heating capabilities.Two rotating multi-node massage heads,designed to give you a professional-therapist-grace kneading massage,focus on the nape and sides of your neck.


    iNeck Air2是頸枕更是頸部按摩器.智能按摩頭可伸縮技術,為你帶來更舒適的頸部按摩體驗.一鍵自動充氣設計,更解放你的雙手,一眨眼的時間就能獲得充盈的頸枕.專業的按摩手法,就像按摩師的雙手一樣給你放鬆頸部.微溫熱敷,輕巧便攜,支撐力強,這樣一款按摩頸枕,無論是午後小憩還是出差旅行,都能為你提供舒適的睡眠.

    breo iNeck air 2 - neck massager (3 colours)